About Me!

Okay, let’s get this straight. We’ve been asking ‘Where’s Sherlyn?‘, but first, let’s get to know Sherlyn.

My interest with travel started when I was a little girl when my primary school sent me to different destinations in my hometown (Batangas, Philippines) to compete in different academic competitions. I saw beautiful churches, tried different food, and met fellow students and people from different places. In secondary school, I competed (and won!) the ASEAN Quiz Show for three consecutive years. That’s when I got to know ASEAN and Southeast Asia with all my heart and fell in love, real hard. I vowed to see all the beautiful places in ASEAN which I could only see in books back then. Nine years since casting that dream in stone, I already visited all of Southeast Asia. Life is sweet!

I took Political Science for my Bachelor’s Degree at De La Salle University Manila and learned more about the Politics and Governance in Southeast Asia (Oh, graduated Cum Laude!) and later earned my Master’s Degree in International Studies from the University of the Philippines Diliman where I also specialized in Southeast Asian Studies.

During until shortly after graduate school, I joined the Philippine government service and traveled around the country. Some of my travel destinations include islands with only less than a hundred family settlers and war/conflict areas. I traveled to do research and monitor and implement several projects. As a result, my love with travel further developed. That’s when I bought my first smartphone and camera to document all my travels. I took photos of everything — the scenery, food, people I met, and photos of me in landmarks and Instagrammable locations.

I decided to join the academe (something I’ve been really dreaming of) after leaving the government service and after realizing I’m not for an 8-5 desk job (routines don’t really work for me). I’m someone who embraces uncertainties and who wants to interact with different sets of people on an everyday basis. I also want a schedule flexible enough to squeeze in passion projects (like this travel blog about Southeast Asia!), hobbies, and travels. I have a Twitter account dedicated for my academic pursuits which you can follow here.

WORK WITH ME! See the types of collaboration opportunities with Where’s Sherlyn?

So now that we already know Sherlyn, let’s see which places she has written blogs about thus far.

Where’s Sherlyn? is a travel blog about Southeast Asia (and beyond!) where I share everything related to things outside my job as a Lecturer. This includes my stories, the places I visited, the food I ate, travel and life lessons, among others. I’m not gonna tell you that traveling is beautiful 100% of the time, but it’s always just a matter of perspective.

Coming right up this 2020 at Where’s Sherlyn?

Well, 2020 started a little stagnant for me, travel-wise and career-wise, but in a good way. So far, I have been working crazy to clean up this travel blog to serve you better. (So, if you came across broken media/links or if you think some parts of this blog kinda need a little work, I will appreciate if you call my attention through Instagram DMs or E-mails).

I am planning a semi-overhaul of my branding/niche as a travel writer/photographer. You see, when I began travel writing with my free WordPress account three years ago, I created my Instagram account @wheressherlyn to promote my website and post blog article teasers to increase my readership. However, when my Instagram following grew and grew, it was slowly turning into a ‘general influencer account’. Since a lot of brands are offering to exchange some money for posting something on my Instagram feed, I became excited about it and started to join the hype (I mean, what could be better than augmenting my travel funds via Instagram, right?). So I started posting about make-up products, food, shoes, media streaming applications, and brands that are not really related to travel. I forgot I have a travel blog in the first place.

This 2020, I hope to become less of an ‘influencer’ to be more of a ‘travel content creator’ and a ‘travel writer/photographer’. To make that happen, I will only collaborate and work with travel-related brands or only non-travel related brands that I personally consume/patronize. I felt like my Instagram account has given my followers the wrong impression that we need to get motivated to travel to make our Instagram feeds better than our friends’. Don’t get me wrong, I love curating my feed. But please know that beyond my vibrant, colorful Instagram feed, I want all of you to know that as an educator by profession, I want to bring back the days when people travel to learn more and experience life in a different way than to snap thousands of photos and post them on social media.

Plans for www.wheressherlyn.com and Instagram account @wheressherlyn this 2020

To make this blog bigger and better, I am continuously catching up with writing all my blog article backlogs, which is around 6 years worth of travels (bless me!)! However, if you do want me to prioritize writing specific articles, I will be happy to do them, I promise! Again, I’m just one email or DM away! 🙂

As for my Instagram account, I am planning to leave it as is while I am planning my mini-rebranding. I am also kind of implementing a digital minimalism because social media has been taking over my life. In the meantime, enjoy the posts I currently have while they are there.