Calamba, Laguna Tourist Spots: 4 Places to Visit

Calamba, Laguna is considered as one of the busiest cities in the CALABARZON region because aside from it is a center of commerce, there are a lot of reasons to travel to the city. Calamba Laguna tourist spots, including the hot spring resorts in Barangay Pansol are popular among locals but not from outside the region. Calamba Laguna tourist spots are underrated and unheard of.

Hence, it is only fair to give them a little exposure. It is also the gateway to the other parts of Laguna province. A lot of my relatives from the father side live in Laguna, so I go here frequently since I was a little girl but I never had the chance to actually tour around.

Considering that the city is only more than an hour away from Manila, I highly recommend that you check out what the city has to offer. Here are my list of the top three spots you should check out if you happen to travel to Calamba City, Laguna:


Rizal Shrine

Calamba Laguna Tourist Spots: Rizal Shrine
Calamba Laguna Tourist Spots: Rizal Shrine
Calamba Laguna Tourist Spots: Rizal Shrine

Rizal Shrine is the birthplace of the National Hero of the Philippines, Dr. Jose Rizal. The house resembles a typical stone house by a middle-class family during the Spanish Colonial Period. Upon visiting this, you will learn not only about the life of Dr. Jose Rizal but also the situation of the Philippines during the Spanish colonization. It is located along Mercado and Rizal Streets.

Calamba Claypot

Calamba Laguna Tourist Spots: Calamba Claypot
Calamba Laguna Tourist Spots: Calamba Claypot

Just near the Rizal Shrine is the Calamba Claypot. Also known as the Calambanga (Calamba + “banga” or claypot) or Calamba Jar, it is believed to be the largest claypot in the world. It was constructed to immortalize how the city got its name.

Calamba Church

Calamba Laguna Tourist Spots: Calamba Church
Calamba Church

Just near the Rizal Shrine and the Calamba Claypot is the St. John the Baptist Parish Church or the Calamba Church. It was known as the christening spot of Dr. Jose Rizal.

Where to Eat in Calamba, Laguna: OJ’s Brew

Calamba Laguna Tourist Spots: OJ's Brew

OJ’s Brew Calamba is my favorite go-to restaurant in the city. Aside from its quiet but accessible location, you can practically find almost all types of usual food items that you desire — from sandwiches to pasta to dessert. Oh, this restaurant is also travel-themed!

Lakeview Subd, 306 Ipil-ipil St, Calamba, 4027 Laguna

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